"KIWANIS" from the Otchipew Indian Language,
We have a good time; we make a noise; we trade; and we advertise.

Join Us!

If you are a service-minded individual who lives and works in Central Arkansas, we encourage you to consider joining us as we work to better our community. Membership in the club is open to anybody age 18 or older, even if you don't live in North Little Rock. We encourage you to attend one of our weekly meetings to get more information and to meet the members.


Our club dues are $135 per year payable by October 1.  For new members, this includes the initial set-up charge.  For all members, it includes dues for Kiwanis International, the Missouri-Arkansas District, and our club.  It also includes a subscription to “Kiwanis Magazine” (the Kiwanis International publication), the “Kiwanigram” (the Missouri-Arkansas District publication), and the North Little Rock Kiwanis newsletter.  

Regular Meetings

Our weekly meetings, held at the time and place designated by our board of directors, are always full of good fun and fellowship.  One of the primary responsibilities of each Kiwanian is faithful attendance.  Members from other Kiwanis clubs sometimes attend our meetings (called an “interclub meeting”), as do members from our sponsored Key Clubs.  

We presently meet at the American Pie Pizza in the Kroger Shopping Center in Lakewood every Thursday at noon.  The meeting begins, after fellowship and the meal, at around 12:15 PM with the singing of “America,” the Pledge of Allegiance, and an invocation each of which are led by different members each week.  After the introduction of guests and a review of the prayer list, members have the opportunity to donate to the club administration fund via the “Happy Box.”  Members will announce birthdays, anniversaries, or random information.  Then there are general announcements regarding various club activities, projects, or committee meetings.  There is always an outstanding speaker or program, which lasts 20-25 minutes, that is informative, entertaining, or inspirational and always pertinent to our daily lives in Arkansas.  Each member has the opportunity to choose and/or present a program. 

Board Meetings 

The Board of Directors meets at noon every 2nd Tuesday of the month.  Here they review committee progress reports, decide on any changes regarding the club, review attendance at meetings and other activities, and review the club’s finances.  Any members are welcome to attend.


Attendance is kept by the secretary for all members attending a weekly meeting, an extra activity, board meeting, interclub, etc.  At the end of every year, September 30, members who have had 100% attendance are awarded and recognized.  If you miss a weekly meeting, you can get a make-up by attending the board meeting or any other scheduled event for the club, thus attaining “perfect attendance.”  We currently have some members who have over 50 years of perfect attendance.  A report is submitted to District 21 each month showing attendance, service activities, committee reports, and fundraising efforts.


Our club public relations committee puts together a full-color newsletter every week that is distributed to all club members and to officers in all other clubs in our Division 25.  It has a summary of the speaker’s remarks at that week’s meeting as well as names and news from Happy Box contributors, a full schedule of upcoming events, a look at the next week’s speaker, prayer list, and any other news or announcements regarding the club.